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The Broken Heartstrings 

Michael Snow, violin and guitar.
Michael has explored a very wide range of styles, and is equally comfortable creating exciting solos and coming up with simple, expressive melodies to back up singers or add textures to the music. He plays with a number of local groups, adding keyboards and banjo to fit the style of whatever music presents itself.
Chris Macchia, bass.
Chris is an in-demand bass player whose versatility seems to have no bounds. He plays in many local groups, including jazz, folk, rock, soul, roots, bluegrass, fusion, and more. He employs acoustic upright bass, electric bass, and fretless electric bass to create the grooves the hold the music together, and adds effortless solos in any style.
Katy Kondrat, vocals
A Kingston-based multi-genre singer, Katy Kondrat has been fronting bands and engaging audiences for twenty years. Known for her vibrant energy on the stage, R&B-inspired vocal runs, and full-bodied alto voice, Katy leaves her mark on each song she sings. Swinging seamlessly between genres, she weaves her experience performing early jazz, blues, folk, funk, soul, R&B, and pop into each arrangement. Katy began singing with The Broken Heartstrings in 2018.
Sean Crimmins Broken Heartstrings Front
Sean Crimmins, guitar.
A jazz manouche aficionado, Sean’s expert rhythm playing gives this music the unique drive that distinguishes it from other swing music. His solos have the authentic tone and feel that express the soul of this genre. He is also in other projects of Balkan, Celtic and roots music, often adding bouzouki to the mix.  Sean is also an accomplished song writer with a unique style that is not often heard.  His original material can be found here:
John Paul Schultz, guitar
Jon Paul is versatile in many styles of music and executes difficult phrases and arpeggios in the jazz manouche swing and waltzes of The Broken Heartstrings.  He is also an excellent mandolin player and has performed for many years in bluegrass groups throughout the country.  

The Broken Heartstrings Trio 

The Broken Heartstrings are very flexible and versatile in their arrangements and configurations; they can fit the bill accordingly
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